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Happy Wheels, an Internet phenomenon known since 2010, developed by TotalJerkFace. Formally, this is an arcade puzzle game with physics in the manner of Trials Evolution - at each level you need to get to the finish line and, if possible, not be crushed to death. In fact, this task turns out to be hellishly complicated, because each location is crammed with circular saws, mines and pits with sharp stakes at the bottom. It saves that dying in Happy Wheels is incredibly fun: moronic characters lose their limbs, cheerfully fly to pieces and laugh funny in agony.


For those unfamiliar with Happy Wheels, we’ll explain: this is a brutal arcade game in which you must get from point A to point B alive. Among the characters there are:

  • A grandfather in a wheelchair
  • A woman with a cart from the supermarket
  • And other heroes

Obstacles encountered on the way to the finish line are usually deadly. Spikes, objects falling from above, lowering platforms, even crossbows, automatically firing when a person approaches them, all this can at least cripple, which will complicate the passage. The fact is that the hero’s body is divided into several parts, which he may lose if seriously injured. If he falls from a height, most often he breaks his legs, and therefore can no longer jump high. But it is guaranteed to survive to the finish line, although it may lose most of the limbs along the way.

Sometimes a hero’s vehicle falls apart for one reason or another. Then you can try to bring the character to the end without the help of a segway - in this case, you can not control individual limbs, but you need to click on the buttons that are responsible for changing the hero's pose. If necessary, it is possible to catch hands on the surface - only then the character will be able to bounce and move over long distances. But most often it is much easier to start the passage again.

Fun, silly, cruel and unexpectedly difficult - Happy Wheels is full of strange surprises and can generate ten stories for black comedies per minute.

One of the main amusements in Happy Wheels is the level editor, in which fans have already created more than six million locations filled with concentrated madness. The mobile version also has an editor, but you can neither really share your work, nor play ready-made levels. In addition, only one character is available today, although the authors promise to further expand the range.

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